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Selling these perfumes is for people between jobs or people who are "un hire-able" like having a felony or excessive tattoes and so on. Good thing you are not forced to work with them.

The product obviously is immitation. Would definitely help to have better packaging. Because it looks like the dollar perfume packaging. Scentura does not have to spend a fortune to have better packaging.

The perfume does last longer than the dollar ones and doesn't smell strong like alcohol same as the dollar ones. Atleast that's a small positive currently. To sell be smart like know that it has more oil than alcohol. Because the street buyer will comment on that.

Act like you are flirting but don't go *** on your customer.

Don't plan to get rich doing this. But keeps you making some money before something better comes along.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1245992

If you are on the run from the law, try getting work with a traveling carnival before you pick this! At least with the carnival you will get a bed every night, get fed and get a set salary. Oh, and odds of getting arrested are much less!

Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom #1213946

I can see how someone with a criminal record might be desperate enough to consider this. But, think about it: do you really need to catch yet another charge, i.e.

pandering and solicitation without a permit.

Because you WILL get fined and/or jailed for that. It is unavoidable.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1203907

This "job" is for no one. If a person is having trouble finding a job for whatever reason, they should sell Kirby vacuums before they consider this junk. There is NO money to be made doing this.


I would never advise anyone to waste their time with this nonsense. You are trying to sell dollar store quality perfume for $20-30 dollars, to complete strangers in parking lots, who wish you would just go away.

You will spend your days running and hiding from the police. You are at constant risk to get fined and/or jailed for soliciting without a permit.

There is no money to be made doing this, which is why every perfume peddler who has ever approached me has asked me if I could spare a couple bucks. Panhandling is not the way to go!

to Anonymous #1203565

Maybe you missed reading the part that says this perfume is better than the dollar one. I use this perfume everyday.

Also 98 percent of the times you are asked to leave a property before you are ticketed. Also don't be rude to people even though they are rude on the street. Because they will call the police if you are rude. Also don't stay in one are too long.

"EVERY PERFUME PEDDLER HAS ASKED YOU FOR MONEY?" Maybe one or two. But all of them is a lie and you know it. You are clearly hurt even though you may deny it. There is little money to be made I agree, but this is for people between jobs or who can't get hired.You have nothing solid to say, you are just taking this to a personal level.

Nobody is forced to do this.

Don't like it? Open door to leave.

to Anonymous #1203589

I have smelled this perfume. It is NOT better than dollar store quality.

Nice try though. You sound bitter. I guess if I were in your shoes, I would be too. Fortunately, I have not made the poor choices in life you apparently have.

Go back to school and/or learn some viable job skills. Or, maybe you just like pounding the pavement and being a street beggar. Lol. Takes all kinds, I suppose.

Don't like it? Open door to leave, matey! BTW: I am not rude to street peddlers! I simply ignore your kind.

I don't deal with lawbreakers! And soliciting without the proper permit IS BREAKING THE LAW!!!!

to Anonymous #1203741

Jay walking is also breaking the law. I guarantee you do it.

You clearly have a temperament of a child. I will bet you 5thousand dollars that if we ask 10 people in the street they will say this perfume is better than the dollar one.

Thats if you even have that amount of money. By the way I never said I sell perfumes, you see how ignorant you are.

to Anonymous #1214130

Oh I don't doubt that you don't sell this garbage. You are such a ***, you probably got fired from this joke of a job too. Truth is, you can't get and keep a job.

Miami, Florida, United States #1203411

The word that was blocked that I was trying to say was "Don't go peirberrrt on your customer" (Perv)

to Anonymous Hafnarfjordur, Hofudborgarsvaedi Utan Reykjavikur, Iceland #1214344

You sound like someone who has worked on their back and knees... a lot! LMAO!

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