I worked for Scentura Creations for 4 days, and what a f****ng joke.For any one who decides to work for them,don't!!

They promise you your own office and great pay, F**k that!!!! They will brain wash you and potentially F**k your life over completely. They will lie to you and tell you what you want to hear and their the fakest Mother F****rs you'll ever meet. Scentura Creations is the biggest SCAM you'll ever come across.

They train you to lie, cheat, and steal just to make a measly $5-$10 dollars a day for a ten hour day.They are nothing but a bunch of thieves who aren't even making money themselves.

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New York, New York, United States #937545

You forgot the part about where they post misleading job ads, promise you pay that never materializes, makes you a 1099 contractor but then violate most states' laws governing 1099 employees AND the biggest thing you forgot is: the job entails pestering people in parking lots to buy knockoff perfume.I personally have had scentura people beg me for spare change or a "couple bucks" so they could get something to eat.

Sad. Very sad.

Anyone whose life ambition to lurk around parking lots, begging people to buy junk, would be better off finding their own distributor and just be in business for themselves.There are tons of wholesale perfumer dealers, if that is really your life's ambition.

Rochester, New York, United States #937384

This scam has been around for many years.I answered a newspaper ad back in 1998, looking for"management trainees" or some such ***.

I interviewed at some rundown office building in a bad neighborhood. One of the managers was some young guy close to my age and had such foul smelling breath you could smell it across the room. Apparently he thought I was acceptable and I was hired. The ad I answered said I could make up to $415/per week while in training.

Sounded good to me, I made less than that as a cashier at Office Max. I showed up on my first day of training to a room set up with chairs in rows. People were filing in and we were greeted by stinky breath guy and some chick named Dawn. They introduced themselves and then we went around introducing ourselves.

I don't think any of us knew what we were in for. We played some *** games to break the ice and then got started being told what we were there to be trained for. We ended up breaking up into groups with some "veteran sales person" to begin training in the field to sell knock off perfume door to door. What?

Is this really what I signed up for? We went out in one car and drove to store parking lots to sell our supply of perfume for eight hours. I wondered how we would be paid. Where is this supposed $415/week?

Turns out all you get is a lousy 10% commission on each $20 bottle of noxious perfume you sell. I felt deceived. I ended up finishing the week and had hardly any money to...

Big huge scam.Skip this"opportunity" there is no future in it.

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I can't believe how people rush to the defense of this pseudo-pyramid scheme.They are either willfully blind or have no moral compass.

Designers International, xxx Enterprises, Blah-Blah Wholesale, whatever incarnation it is at any given moment, are all connected to either Scentura or World Perfume.

Their recruiting practices are misleading, dishonest and unethical. People considering this "opportunity" - please read the negative comments here and on other complaint sites. I cannot vouch for individual experiences and unique horror stories, but be assured that the "business model" is always the same.

The defenders of this scheme always try to emphasize that this is a "business opportunity". I have yet to see a single one of their ubiquitous "Management Trainee" classified ads state this in print.

The defenders of this scheme always state that "it's not for everyone".

Correct. It’s not for anyone who wants to sleep soundly at night and pay their bills.

The whole system is based on lies. The recruits are lied to and misled before they even walk in the door.

They are then trained to lie to prospective customers. If they lie long enough and well enough, they get to open their own office, become a Chief Liar and perpetuate the scam.

The defenders of the system insist that it's not a pyramid scheme. Bull. Sure, the recruits don't directly shell out money up front, but what about the fuel spent driving around...

What about the initial "practice" sales to friends, family, starter kits, etc? The fact is that this system requires a constant influx of new recruits to replace the bright ones who leave almost immediately. In fact, if it weren't for the "new blood" continually coming into the office it would close. This is the definition of a pyramid scheme and was found to be such: "In 2001, the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that the contract between Scentura and Long (office owner) was a "pyramid sales scheme", violated the law and was unenforceable under the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act." The year is 2014.

I put up with 2 days of this *** back in 1990. It’s still going on. Rob & Ricki Zuckert were the owners of the Illinois office I blundered into. They move around the country quite a bit, it seems – currently operating as “Wholesale Texas Fashion” on Facebook.

If you had a successful business, with a quality product and an effective sales force why would it be necessary to move several hundred miles from your previous location every 2-3 years? Job-seekers, do yourselves a favor and run from this “opportunity”.

Defenders of the Scam, please don’t attack someone who is trying to save others from grief and disappointment.Besides, if I can identify you and you’re anywhere within 100 miles of my location I’ll come drag you out of your respective parent’s basements and kick your ***.

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Bronx, New York, United States #614527

G.U.M.P. stands for Guy or Girl Under My Power.


This is so true.I used to work for these people 11 yrs ago.

i worked for them for 4 months before i left. BEWARE!!! This is a scam. They will have you sale merchandise on the street for hours without providing you with a licence to sale merchandise on the street.

If you get arrested for soliciting, they will not get you out of jail and you have to pay SC back the money for the merchandise that was taken from you by the police. Additionally, you dont see a pay check. you money is $3.00 off each perfume you sale for $20.00. every person you pitch if they dont buy the knock off perfume then you are trained to ask for a "donation".

And as for those whose saying this isn't a scam, thats because you are the scam artist. don't waste your time with this bull ***. I see people selling SC perfume and they try to through that pitch: "Hi i'm in the area today doing a..... where all of our perfume is half off today.

you then spary the G.U.M.P.'s hand, have them smell it, gas them up and tell the lie of all time that the bottle is ONLY $20.00".

LOL.So you go ahead and be SC G.U.M.P.'s

to X #614326

I'm sorry, its ten dollars off each bottle you sell. This company is still a scam. Take this as a fare waring


how can u say its scam wen u only stayed for the first 4 days lmao you were a weak piece of *** basically!!!like i been training since april ima lil slow but im getting there have u ever thought that if it was a scam would it still be in business for 45 years like seriously!!!

who ever dont finish just loves bein told what to do by someone else !!!! im in nj and i love my pomoting owners to death and i will be a rhino and finish the *** so all of u can pump my gass take my order at mcdonalds and ring my office *** up at the stores !!! why would someone just give u a office and they dont even know u u dont know about the product or anything u wanna tell someone else what to do but u cant even do it !!!

like i said weak piece of ***!!!scentura for life baby!!!!rhino

to liz kenilworth nj #863768

Another Scentura piece of sh*t that heckles people, thinking it's McDonalds for them if they won't go for Scentura. Fastfood and gas stations may be the only other options for Liz, but Liza needs to realize that other people are not faced with such pathetic options because they have made better choices in their life. I am 101 percent sure that if Liz were to have the balls to update, he/she/it would confess they gave up on the Scentura dream (ha ha) and are now flipping burgers and loving it, because the pay is so much better.

to Anonymous #1011296

I agree with you.I noticed how Liz stated that she was still training and a "lil" slow.

The biggest part of the scam is the potential management they say they are looking for. I had my 2nd interview today and guess what... I was called back. This district manager repeats that he doesn't want us for sales but I have been researching.

Liz even if you never read this I have to say it. I am usually a very nice person but you are a *** ***. You are more then a "lil" slow. Just reading your post I can tell you are uneducated.

Have you heard of a dictionary? Or spell check even. I am skeptical about this company. I am supposed to start training Monday.

I am not shy. I have many questions that I will ask before training ever starts. If my questions can not be answered or they are very vague then I'm out. It's not that I am afraid of hard work.

By far I'm not or I wouldn't have applied for a management position, but that's what I applied for. If I wanted to be a door to door sales person then I would apply for that position. Come on Liz update your status.

Scentura for life still rhino?You workin at Burger King or McDonalds?


So obviously the ones who are upset are those who do not put in the hard work and take pride in the product.Obviously those who are upset are those who did not get past the 2 phases.

Obviously, those who are upset listen to everyone and not themselves. those who are upset are those who give up easily and let the opportunity of a lifetime pass them by.

so in the end....HAVE A GREAT DAY!!:grin

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