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The perfume scammers at Scentura won't give Investigative guy John Mattes a manager job.Why do they always kick him out from all the offices he goes to . What are the folks at Scentura hiding? Why do they not like TV cameras?

For 10 years Investigative reporter John Mattes has dropped in to their offices only to be pitched out as soon as they see his camera. So you be the judge and enjoy the tape

count the times he gets thrown out

Scentura Creations - Perfume Scam At Scentura">

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Scentura Creations in Milford CT was managed by a real scam artist back in the late 80's.His name was Dave - his line was "Let's get fired up".

Same thing, send everyone off to sell cheap imitation bottles of perfume to their families and then off on the streets. His pitch line instruction for you was to tell the buyer that it's actually the real authentic product just that it's from the bottom of the barrel. I'll hold off on his last name for now, he ruined a lot of people.

He was the true definition of *** bag.I hope he's rotting in jail somewhere by now.



"know how to hustle" -- "God bless you"

such a construed understanding of God!




if you say its not a scam youre just blinded by mind manipulators. end of story for the same hours you could work 3 jobs and make real money not chase ridiculous promises, plus my friend just started it and it sounds super fake


This is one of the longest-running scams out there. If they are so legitimate as they like to claim, why do they operate under so many different names? (Your local "office" is never called "Scentura", names vary from location to location).


Eric Bradshaw Business Consultants-Bonner kansas

Sad day in America...We will get through this situation just like Pearl Harbour....


Eric Bradshaw Business Consultants-Bonner kansas

Sad day in America...We will get through this situation just like Pearl Harbour....


I 'worked' with Scentura over 10 years ago.As you sell the perfume you are permitted to sell the perfume at lower prices, so you can continue to try to sell it at the higher price and keep a larger part of the profit, or you can try to sell them at the lower prices in order to advance faster.

You are out with people who are able to sell it for lower prices than you, trying to sell the same product to the same people. Find me another place where people who have been around longer can sell the product for less than you so that they get the sales instead of you.

As for all of those people who have moved up through the ranks and are allegedly doing great and making lots of money, I had to drive one of the hot shot managers home one night because he didn't own a car.

He was in his forties, living in a run down house with his mother.Anyone can say they are making a lot of money.


Its a scam duh, the "hustling"you do is illegal, solocitation in parking lots and pan handling is illegal!!! :x


Yeah, I went to an interview session to one of these, you can just here the BS coming out.Larry bla bla bla has this much money bla bla bla, wants us to make him money bla bla bla...i went back to this place not too long ago and it was left empty and the people were no where to be found.

If in one year you can make 50,000 dollars?

where are these people now? much for that new office and all them new people that were promised...lame, and whoever backs these people up must still be out there selling

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