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My experience was back in the 90's with a completely different product line.I worked in Virginia Beach.

It was hard work, I did not earn much money, but I learned an incredible amount about sales in general, goal setting and teamwork. I used this knowledge to work my way up in several corporate sales and sales management positions up to six figures. I don't know the company now, and I suppose that it has a lot to do with who you learn from, but mine was a positive experience all around. Wish that they had the same products.

Many people get mad working for this company because it is hard work.

The experience I gained from my working with Scentura I would not trade, though.I learned far more than I lost.

Reason of review: All mentioned in review.

I liked: Product quality, Business opportunity, Employment.

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I too was in VA Beach in the 90s and then worked up to my own locations in Hampton ..OKC and Richmond...Did very well and will say to anyone that works hard and pushes themself it is great....

Some don't make it, and if you don't... Look at yourself not the opportunity.... I learned a lot and still use the skills today I learned doing that......

They tell you its hard and its up to you to make it....

If you are lazy and drive around and ask 10 people in a day...

You are doing it wrong ...Push yourself and you can make a dream come true..

Michael Harris



People don't get mad because it's hard work. They get mad because the so-called job is misrepresented and they don't get paid!!!!

to Anonymous #1336813

I got paid because I worked very hard.I also learned a lot!!!

I don't know where you all worked, but I don't think that this opportunity was misrepresented to me.

But that was my experience, not yours.I am sorry for you and hope you find the career that you like!

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1337749

But what did you get paid?You may have gotten a few dollars here or there, but you most certainly did not earn enough to pay rent, car note, auto insurance, auto repairs put food on the table, pay utilities, buy clothes, etc and have money left over to put in savings!

What about tax time, when you owe Uncle Sam, because you are a 1099 independent contractor, responsible for your own taxes. Did you have the $ to pay those taxes? Of course not. Did you have a peddlers license to solicit, for each city/town that you trespassed into?

No, of course you didn't. Did you know that you can be fined and/or arrested for soliciting without the required legal permit? No, you either didn't know that or don't care because you think it won't happen to you (Newsflash: it can and it will)! BTW: I would like to clear up another one of your apparent misunderstandings.

I am not employed by any Scentura distributorship. I never have been. I work in my chosen field (Human Resources Manager). In my career, I enjoy a nice salary, full medical benefits, vision, dental, 401lk, PTO, 4 weeks paid vacation, generous amount of paid holidays and sicks days, etc.

I have an AWESOME work/life balance. I love my job and am well-compensated for it. Can you say the same? No, of course not.

In my spare time, I volunteer with charitable organizations and have met many down and out individuals who have had very negative experiences with Scentura distributorships. Do NOT try to preach to me how great the "opportunity" is, because anyone with more than 2 brain cells knows better! Why don't you get your GED and go for vocational training, since college or university most likely is not suitable for you?!

You can learn a trade and get a decent PAYING job, if you work hard.Think about it!

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