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i had my first interview last friday and it was not what i expected it. they interviewed like around 30 people and the were too guetto and from the hood...first of all if you wants me to to dress properly and professional they should be the first one to do it. they speak to fast and the only thing you can hear is the 30k.......the music is too loud and you cant hear anything the say and c'om is a business that some dudes party............its just a scamm run out from it not again there i

Monetary Loss: $10.

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The person who posted this complaint seems to lack an overall understanding of the business.

The business model is proven and simple. It takes 3 months or less to learn, won't cost you a dime, and when you're done with training you get a shot at running your own deal. They give you the playbook and finance your opening, then you run with it.

The sales method is a face-to-face, business-to-business strategy. It's certainly not glamorous, but it works. And it's really not that hard, you just have to see a lot of people.

If you're a person that doesn't have a lot of education, background, or experience, and you're at a point where you can go the next few months on a small income, then give it a shot. What do you have to lose? It's not like they're asking you for any money.

You may surprise yourself, it may turn out to be something you're good at and can make a career out of.

Otherwise, don't spend your time complaining about something just because it's different than the same old 'clock in, clock out, collect an hourly wage' paradigm that leaves most people unhappy anyways.

to Justin #881805

Yeah, because walking around parking lots, trying to peddle knockoff perfume for 100% commission, no benefits or base pay, is clearly the KEY TO HAPPINESS! Just because YOU couldn't make it in the corporate world because you do not have the education and/ necessary skills, does not entitle YOU to get on here and complain!

But hey, I do realize you are very jealous of the success others have. It must kill you to approach a successful business person and ask them in your most hopeful voice if they want to buy some of your pitiful perfume. Ever get the feeling people are laughing at you? Yeah?

That is because THEY ARE!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!


You know what's funny, is you say it's not a scam - yet since 2006 people have been lodging the exact same complaint over multiple forums and sites. Clearly the company is doing something shady - and while it may not be a pyramid scheme *per-se*, it's still abusing people who are looking for a REAL job.

Tricking young, and desperate people into hawking your perfume in a parking lot once a week, with no real turnover costs is a pretty excellent business model for you. Expendable sales agents!



Unfortunately, it seems there’s a lot of negativity and false information circulating the internet regarding Scentura, and I think it’s based mostly on people’s misunderstanding of the Scentura Opportunity. I thought I’d post something brief that would help make things clear.

First of all, Scentura Creations is a manufacturer and supplier of rendition fragrances. They distribute their product line to Independent Wholesale Business owners throughout the U.S. They’re unique in that they provide merchandise without any capital outlay to these Independent Wholesale Distributors, meaning they don’t pay Scentura until after they’ve sold the merchandise. This is key because it removes a huge barrier of entry into business… Inventory costs.

Second, the sales model used by most independent businesses that sell Scentura’s products is that of Direct Selling. It’s a business to business, face-to-face sales strategy that has worked for over 35 years. It’s not glamorous, and it’s probably not for everyone, but it just works.

Last, and most importantly, Scentura doesn't ask you to invest any money, it's not a franchise, it's not a pyramid or multi-level marketing business, there's nothing to purchase, there are no sign-up fees. The only thing required from you is your time and hard work, and you’ll get a chance to run your own business. How many companies out there are willing to offer that?

It probably sounds too good to be true, but it makes sense when you understand Scentura's incentive: It's a Win-Win scenario for everyone. You get a chance to own your own business, and Scentura gains a new customer, which means more volume. If Scentura only dealt with individuals who had hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, they'd be waiting a long time,

especially in this economy. So they're willing to take all the financial risk.

Again, this is not for everyone, but the opportunity is definitely real, and many owners have gone on to make six-figure incomes running their own businesses that sell Scentura's products.

Please visit the following website dedicated to new business owners that answered the ad and started just like everyone else:

If you’d like to read more about Scentura Creations, please visit the following sites:

If you have any further complaints, please direct them to

Thank you.

to An Objective Perspective #881807

No wonder there are thousands of complaints about you shysters! No wonder the media does investigative reports. You are so full of sh*t, I can smell your breath from where I am sitting.

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